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Frequently Asked Questions

Which pattern should I pick?

If your application requires a small surface area (i.e. a dash panel) pick the DGL-50 pattern. If your application requires a large surface area (i.e. a firewall) pick the DGL-200 pattern. Still not sure which pattern to choose from, then call 402-729-2264 and we will be happy to help you pick out which pattern will be best to suit your needs.

Can FPM custom shear cut a size for me?

Yes, we can shear cut to any size you need. We start out with 48″x96″ sheet and cut down to whatever size you need?

Can FPM engine turn my pre-existing panel?

No, it is much easier to re-fabricate a new panel.

Can FPM engine turn a 3-dimensional object?

No, we can only engine turn on flat sheets.

Which looks better Aluminum or Stainless Steel?

Aluminum has a brighter appearance similar to chrome. Stainless Steel has a darker appearance similar to your stainless steel appliances.

Which is more durable Aluminum or Stainless Steel?

Stainless Steel is more durable, however, if you want more durability from the aluminum we recommend clear coating the aluminum with an automotive grade clear paint.

Is there a way to add color to the engine turned panel?

Yes, use the aluminum engine turned panel and apply Dupli-Color Metal Cast coatings for a tinted/colored look

Which material should I pick if I want to fabricate my project myself?

We recommend choosing the aluminum because it is easier to work with. You can use your standard woodworking tools such as routers, hole saws, and sanders to cut and shape the aluminum. Stainless steel is much harder to cut. We always use a laser or water jet cutter to cut stainless steel.

How do I fasten an FPM panel to my dash or firewall?

The methods generally used are mechanical fasteners (i.e. screws, bolts) If you don’t want the “look” of a fastener use contact adhesive.

Can I weld a stud on the back side of an FPM engine turned panel?

No, welding will cause warping and discoloration of the engine turned panel. If studs are needed to fasten you panel we recommend using Weld Mount Adhesive

Can FPM fabricate a panel for me?

Yes, just send us a template of your dash, firewall, or whatever and we can cut it for you. Make sure you include all your contact information so we can call or email you to give you an exact quote.

What does FPM need for a template?

Just cut out the perimeter of your template out of poster board and mark the center point locations of your holes, gauges, slots and mark the sizes need. Make sure you include all your contact information so we can call or email you to give you an exact quote.

How much is it going to cost?

Cost depends on the size of material needed, size of swirling, and the labor needed to fabricate. Call 402-729-2264 so we can discuss project costs, or email us at

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