Engine turning has been applied to the automobile almost since the time of its invention. In the 1930’s it was used on such marques as Duesenberg, Auburn and Bugatti. Now FPM Metals can provide engine turned polished metal for any of the above mentioned autos as well as the marque you may be working on today.
All engine turned patterns are produced in either aluminum or stainless steel. Thickness is available in .030″ or .063″ in either metal. Sheet size can be as large as 48″ wide and 96″ long depending on the pattern selected. As a rule of thumb the larger the piece required the larger the pattern you may want to consider. For example a dash insert would normally use our DGL-50 pattern. While a fire wall for a T-roadster would look great with a DGL-100 or DGL-150 pattern. FPM Metals can supply engine turned polished metal in sheet form, polished dash inserts or custom make pieces to fit your application. Please click on one of our standard pattern designs.


Custom Fabricated Panels

FPM Metals has the capability to reverse engineer your panel.  With our 2D scanner we can scan any flat part/2 dimensional template.  You can either send us your original part for us to scan and re-manufacture an exact copy of your original part or you can send us a template of your panel made of poster board.  For FPM Metals to quote a custom made engine turned piece please follow these instructions. You must provide us with an exact pattern of the original if possible or pattern cut from a piece of poster board available at any art supply house. Cut the outside perimeter as close as possible to what you need then mark center of all holes to be cut and mark the required diameter cut out for each gauge, but do not cut out the holes. List the swirl pattern size i.e. DGL-50 DGL-100 etc. you want along with material type and thickness desired. Include return address and phone number. Send pattern to:

FPM Metals

224 sixth street

PO box 16

Fairbury, Nebraska 68352

You may also e-mail a cad drawing that is a .dxf file format to After reviewing your pattern we will give you an exact quotation as to the cost to reproduce.


Ordering Information

How much does it cost? Pricing depends on the size of swirl pattern required and the size of piece needed please call 402-729-2264 we will be glad to give you pricing and additional information over the phone please have your required dimensions ready. FPM Metals is located in the Central Time zone our hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. We are one hour behind the East Coast and two hours ahead of the West Coast. A DGL-50 pattern will be more expensive per square foot than a DGL-150 pattern because of the time and circles required polishing the sheet. Stainless steel will be slightly higher in cost than aluminum. If doing your own fabricating from our materials aluminum will be easier to work with than stainless steel. If you want stainless steel we suggest you cut with a milling machine or have a professional laser or water-jet cutter fabricate the material for you. Shipping is done via UPS, which will take up to a 48″x 48″ package. Dash panels and small pieces may be sent US mail. Most pieces are sent between layers of plywood to prevent material from being damaged. All material comes with clear plastic masking for protection during fabrication. We recommend applying an automotive grade clear coat to aluminum after fabrication. Material may be tinted by using Duplicolor Metalcast products . We also can provide you with a clear gloss or tinted overlaminate that will resist limited temperature extremes, abrasion, and chemical exposure for further protection and enhanced aesthetics.  If you would like to receive sample swatches of automotive patterns please send $3.00 to FPM Inc. PO box 16 Fairbury, Nebraska 68352.


FPM Metals has brought the tedious task of engine turning into the 21st Century. No longer limited to small pieces such as jewelling on pocket watches, gun actions or automotive dash panels. Polished materials are now available in 48″x 96″ stainless steel sheet stock. Patterns have been created using precisely placed swirled circles and linear polished patterns that make the material come alive as light bursts from it at different angles! Many patterns created by FPM Metals have the unique ability to change and move as a person passes by. The illusion of motion and depth are created on the surface of each sheet as light explodes off on its way into a new dimension. Some modern day applications include office furnishings, elevator doors, store fixtures, column covers and wall cladding. FPM Metals materials have been used in airports, hotels, restaurants, casinos, and amusement parks.

Now available to the consumer clear gloss overlaminates for increased looks and performance of all polished metal patterns.  Overlaminates resists abrasion, chemical exposure, and temperature extremes for further protection. Call 402-729-2264 for more technical info on overlaminates and its uses.  Please enjoy the spectrum of patterns available to you for your next design statement.